Benjamin P. Obdyke, founder of the weatherization solutions company in 1868 and the guy with the ‘stache, was the pioneer of the first-generation corrugated downspouts. The company has continued his legacy in pioneering innovation in moisture management and performance maximization.

For 154 years, Benjamin Obdyke has been lending an ear to the needs of builders and contractors. They moved to differentiate their products, to surpass the basics in what they offer, making improvements that were desperately needed in the market. Obdyke surpassed what competitors were doing and saw that building professionals were looking for more from the weatherization products they were using. Benjamin Obdyke realized an opportunity in the market and created all-encompassing product lines that met those needs. This innovation they have displayed is true to their company legacy of over a century-and-a-half. Benjamin Obdyke is working hard to be the leader in next generation weatherization solutions.

benjamin obdyke

Emphasis on drainability! When creating their products, Benjamin Obdyke went above and beyond in their research and optimization efforts. In our coastal environment and the extreme weather conditions we often endure, it’s pertinent to have weatherization systems that resist moisture in more effective ways. As one of the leading manufacturers of weatherization solutions, Benjamin Obdyke has mastered this craft.

Building better with Benjamin Obdyke means you’re building to last.

benjamin obdyke

With our combined 281 years of experience, Mid-Cape Home Centers partnered with not just a company, but a legacy, when we chose Benjamin Obdyke as the latest addition to our awesome weatherization solutions. Quality, reliability and customer service comprise the backbone of why we are both here these many years later. Not only that, but builders and contractors are essential to our coastal communities here in Massachusetts, and so are the materials they use to build and remodel homes and businesses. We want to see communities in our local area that are thriving generations from now. Let’s build this community together and build it to last…with Benjamin Obdyke weatherization solutions supplied by Mid-Cape Home Centers.

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