Moulding can be a very important component to a project as it gives a room a completed and much desired aesthetic. Moulding comes in various shapes and sizes, and it is up to the homeowner, designer, or contractor to decide what will add just the right touch to a given space. When done correctly and using key products, moulding will add value and a well-crafted look to any room in your home.

If you are looking to add a trendy piece of moulding to your home, look no further than Metrie’s Option M. Known for being modeled after some of Metrie’s most popular trends, Option M is moulding reimagined by top designers. Whether your style is shabby chic, bohemian, new traditional, modern farmhouse, or country, there is a moulding for you that will bring your space from out of date to 2018.


However, being on trend doesn’t have to be based only on a style. If you can’t quite pin down what your style is, but you know you want to do something that will add a much-needed new touch to your space, then consider taking a more simple approach. Crown moulding isn’t the only option to add life to a simple architectural design anymore. Today, simple moulding can actually be more refreshing and equally as popular as its more extravagant counterpart.

Regardless of whether you want to keep a project on trend or just stay true to your own personal taste, moulding is a great option for any room, home, or project. Need help discovering just what type of moulding is right for you? Let Mid-Cape help you find moulding that will set the stage to tell a story. For more information on the moulding we carry, visit our custom millwork page and contact us at [email protected].