Choosing a reasonably priced home improvement project that will have a big impact can be challenging. One project that might fit the bill is painting your kitchen cabinets. Whether you choose a bold new color or simply pick a classic wood stain, your kitchen can be transformed quickly and easily. As long as the doors of your cabinets are in good shape and structurally sound, follow these steps to apply a fresh coat of paint, and watch your kitchen transform.

Do the Prep Work

Every home improvement project involves prep work to ensure that the job turns out right the first time. With painting, it’s important to thoroughly clean all surfaces before you ever pick up a brush. You will need to remove the hardware and the doors so that you can clean and paint on a flat surface. Try cleaning with a degreaser to get rid of all the dirty fingerprints or use a homemade solution of four parts water and one part tri-sodium phosphate. Make sure to rinse and dry the cabinets thoroughly after cleaning.

Sand and Paint

Next, it will be necessary to sand the surfaces you intend to paint. Try using 100-grit sandpaper to simply roughen up the surface so that the paint will stick more easily. Then, it will be time to apply a primer to smooth the surface and completely fill the grain of the wood. Oftentimes, two coats of primer will be necessary. Finally, after the primer has dried, start painting and get ready to see the results of your home improvement project. Try using a spray brush or a roller to evenly apply the paint. Once everything is completely dry, put the hardware back on, and hang your new kitchen cabinets!