Trim is not just a frame for windows and doors any longer. Interior designers, remodelers, and homeowners are taking moulding and trim to the next level. When it comes to designing each room in your home, do not be afraid to step out and go beyond what is expected. Give your rooms a unique elegance and shape that is surprisingly beautiful. It does not matter the style or theme of the room. Trim with tones, patterns, and form can be created that exactly fits the look you are envisioning for the design space. Almost every room in each home incorporates some sort of trim, whether it is framing doors and windows, or is used as casing or baseboards. Why not spice it up a bit?
Below, see the difference in the design and style of the rooms in these two shops. No matter the decoration and theme, unique and simple trim designs can add a subtle pop of personality and depth to any space.
The difference between just a plain space with walls and a warm, inviting and exciting space is often the use of trim. Sometimes it is very effective to simply add to the trim that is already there by extending it, making it wider or broader.

A perfect example is that of crown moulding. There are endless varieties and styles, but also many benefits to using this type of trim to adorn a home. Do you want to add depth or volume to a small room? Does the space require a more defined shape to the ceiling, window, or kitchen cabinetry framing? Does the design of the room appear void of personality? Even the simplest of crown moulding can flavor a room with just the right touch of life.

The key is to make it what you want. Create an inspirational space that will provide for you a new love and appreciation of your home. Contact our Custom Millwork Shop and receive expert advice on how to begin doing just that.