The Mid-Cape Home Centers team is always striving to create an “Experience that Builds.” We aim for quality service and exceptional customer satisfaction. Hard working and talented individuals are the backbone of Mid-Cape Home Centers’ success. People like Contractor Kitchen & Bath Designer Norman McCutcheon perpetuate the values and culture we aim to achieve here at Mid-Cape.

Norman, best known as “Norm,” worked as a builder and cabinet installer prior to his career in kitchen design here at Mid-Cape, and it has been twenty-eight years since he’s joined our team. His favorite part about working at Mid-Cape Home Centers has been the ease of communication between departments, as every single team member endeavors to create long-lasting relationships and work as a cohesive whole, rather than each part functioning separately. Customer satisfaction is what fuels Norm’s passion for his job. His favorite part about being a Contractor Kitchen & Bath Designer is getting to know each customer and, in his own words, “making their kitchen dreams come true.” He always strives for each process to go smoothly and efficiently for his customers.

Norm performs the majority of vital functions of each kitchen or bath project. This includes developing the detailed plan for the contractor who is building the project and for the customer, as well as answering all questions and meeting requests, even when it comes to window and appliance placement. His most favorite brand to work with is Omega, a manufacturer of custom kitchen cabinets.

Recently, Norm tackled a kitchen remodel project local to the South Dennis area. He worked with several contractors for various aspects of the kitchen. These included Pete Appleton of Appleton Construction, Dan Berardi who laid down the tile, and Merry Leclerc who is a representative for European Granite & Marble countertops, which were installed by Skyline.

You may view the following video to see the progress of this project:

Norm worked with Janet Radziewicz, a Mid-Cape Kitchen & Bath Expediter, on this project and together, they made sure each and every detail was addressed.

Norm’s favorite part of this remodel was stepping outside of the box when it came to creativity. As a part of the project, nearly every aspect of the original kitchen was changed, and some new additions were installed. One of these was a wine rack on the wall, and what Norm loves most about this is the enriching personality of it, because it incorporated pieces of the floor for its framing.

A great challenge was remodeling the kitchen on a floor that turned out to be off-leveled. Norm worked with Pete Appleton of Appleton Construction to level the floor and install the lazy-Susan cabinet. Another difficulty that was faced was installing the sink and the sink cabinet, but Pete Appleton created a solution when he constructed supports to hold the sink in place while the countertops were installed around it.

Norm is most proud of the brand new layout that he designed for this kitchen. Before, as is evidenced in the video, the kitchen appeared cramped and small. How it is laid out now allows for more efficiency, organizing the components into “a better triangle for traffic.”

Considering remodeling a kitchen or bathroom? Now is the time to begin! Norm assures that he always listens to the customer and creates exactly what they visualize for their dream kitchen, because he wants to “make sure your kitchen becomes your kitchen.”

Mid-Cape has years of experience and great working relationships with contractors. We ensure that the kitchen project is finished to the customer’s liking.

Norm McCutcheon

Contractor Kitchen & Bath Designer, Mid-Cape Home Centers

Norm answered some questions regarding the Mid-Cape experience, what it is like, and what it truly means.

Question: For all the homeowners out there who are interested in remodeling, why, in your opinion, should they work with Mid-Cape? What would you say is most unique about working with Mid-Cape, as a homeowner, compared to another company?

Norm: Mid-Cape has years of experience and great working relationships with contractors. We ensure that the kitchen project is finished to the customer’s liking.

Question: For a customer who would like to work with Mid-Cape on a remodeling project or home renovation, but does not know how to get started, what is your advice to them?

Norm: Come talk to us – There are many working pieces. Plan on at least four weeks for a kitchen project.

Question: Mid-Cape’s mission statement is “Experience that Builds.” What does that mean to you?

Norm: You don’t get to be as old as we are without great people and knowledge.

Begin your kitchen or bath remodel today! Mid-Cape wants to be there for you every step of the way, and create an “Experience that Builds.”