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It’s nearly impossible to talk about VELUX skylights without mentioning luxury and innovative design. Their offerings come in many varieties, from commercial to residential, solar-powered to electric to manual and much more.

The VELUX Solar-Powered “Fresh Air” Skylight truly sets them apart from other skylight manufacturers. The innovative team at VELUX designed a solar-powered skylight that comes with an operating system that, believe it or not, senses indoor air quality, rain, temperature and humidity, and opens or closes based on the preferences of the user. No wonder this is one of the leading skylights in the industry!

Mid-Cape Account Representative Gordon Correia, who specializes in Roofing, Siding & VELUX Skylights, has installed over 100 skylights over the course of his career before becoming a part of the Mid-Cape Team. With this combined experience, he is able to take apart, program and assemble any skylight. With a no-leak guarantee and much more, Gordon assures us that VELUX solar-powered skylights and blinds are among the best products on the market stating “they are some of the most inventive and high​ quality products I have ever had the privilege of representing.” Gordon added, “I enjoy educating our team, our contractors and homeowners on the benefits of installing a Velux skylight, and especially the Solar skylights and Solar blinds to capitalize on the federal solar tax credits, saving them money.”

In explaining why these skylights are necessary to consider installing in customers’ homes, he explains, “When you have a room, or rooms, with no natural light or air circulation, it makes the environment very stagnant and depressing which makes people less motivated and less healthy.” Installing a VELUX skylight will bring light to life in any room, allowing for a more comfortable space. Additionally, having a remote-controlled, solar-powered skylight not only contributes to the well-being of our environment, it’s a cost-effective solution.

“VELUX has been in business for over 40 years and is the only skylight-exclusive company still in business.” Gordon goes on to praise VELUX’s exemplary customer service. He says VELUX is one of the best at customer service, because “they stand by their products and have a quick response time” when addressing any issues that may occur. Gordon loves representing Mid-Cape and VELUX, because they both hold customer service and quality products as their highest priority. After four years of dedication to his craft spent alongside the Mid-Cape team, with decades pf prior experience, Gordon says: “Mid-Cape has been the best company I have ever worked for, because they listen to what we [the Mid-Cape Team and customers] say and get us what we need.”

If you’d like to learn more about Velux, feel free to reach out to Mid-Cape’s very own Velux Guru himself, Gordon Correia!

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