In keeping with the dedication we have for supporting members of our local community, Mid-Cape has begun focusing specifically on raising awareness for issues with which many struggle here on the Cape & Islands and Southeastern Massachusetts. Although these concerns are widespread, Mid-Cape is focused on reaching out to those right outside our front door, and we hope you will join us in our efforts.

This is the reason we have begun a series of Trucks-for-a-Cause. Mid-Cape’s very first Truck-for-a-Cause was wrapped for Autism Awareness and now, we proudly unveil our second Truck-for-a-Cause: the truck that has been decorated in support of our local veterans!

We are so excited that this beautiful artwork will be driven all around this region, encouraging members of our local community to support our veterans who have sacrificed so much. After all, we believe our nation would not be the same without those people here with, and for, us.

This Truck-for-a-Cause has been revealed just after we announced our partnership with Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center. This great organization offers services for veterans returning from duty who are facing many struggles. Of the estimated 27,000 veterans living here on the Cape, most are still fighting so much, from financial hurdles, to mental health battles, to homelessness. These are the reasons we stand behind our local veterans and Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center. Will you support with us? Donate today: