The ‘Experience that Builds’ is one that nurtures and supports the members of our local community. This includes those we believe to be underrepresented and misunderstood by many. Mid-Cape is dedicated to social responsibility and community development. In our support for members of the community, we have wrapped one of our delivery trucks for Autism Awareness.

Autism is a developmental disorder that impairs the person’s ability to interact and communicate well with others. It also affects how a person learns and behaves. Many are not aware of exactly what Autism is. Therefore, those affected by Autism need support from the community, voices that will speak with them, and people to stand with them. One of many reasons this was such a great fit for Mid-Cape’s first official Truck-for-a-Cause, is that we wish to welcome our new neighbors in Orleans, Cape Cod Village, as they break ground this season and get ready to house some of our local community members who are Autistic.