What is your education and experience?

I received my degree in Interior Design from Lasell College and have worked in the design field since graduating, as either a kitchen designer, a color and fabric consultant at the BDC, or a project coordinator for private businesses.

How many years have you worked in Kitchen & Bath Design?

I have worked in Kitchen & Bath Design for 27 years.

What year did you start at Mid-Cape?

I have been with Mid-Cape since 2017.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I think it is so important to enjoy who you work with, to feel appreciated where you work and to find happiness in what you do.   I am very lucky to be able to say that I fall into all three of these categories.  The Middleboro location has a busy, but casual atmosphere where throughout the day people are working very hard yet enjoying what they do.  Whether it be Contractors, Outside or Inside Sales, Yard Personnel and Drivers – people find their way to the kitchen department for meetings, to grab a water, and say hi while on their way through.  You hear a lot of laughter here daily, but you see a lot of people giving it their all for the success of this team.

What can customers look forward to when working with you?

Doing a project with the magnitude of a kitchen build or remodel can have a lot of stress surrounding it.  With most of my meetings, I actually witness the client relax as they realize that I will be there to help them along the way and keep it as stress-free as possible while creating what they are looking for as a final outcome.

What does “Experience that Builds” mean to you?

When a client can enjoy the building or remodeling experience because they’ve been introduced to someone who makes them feel like they will take care of them from start to finish. When the kitchen designer works to get their client what they want, based on style and budget, and is able to guide them through the sea of options to better their experience, based off of years of knowledge in the field. When the contractor has full confidence in the designer’s abilities and relies on that designer to take the kitchen portion and run with it based on how he works in conjunction with the client’s input.

Anything else you would like to add or would like customers to know about you?

As much as I enjoy the social aspect of the job, I also enjoy the design portion.  I like finding the solution for the space and seeing the photos of it completed. I enjoy watching trends and how they ebb and flow in their own way over the years. I enjoy the classic look of the soapstone in Monticello as well as the shiny sleek cabinet designs in Italy. So many things influence my style – but ultimately, it’s the homeowner’s style that matters most and I do everything I can to make their living space exactly how they envision.