What is your education and experience?

I have a college degree in Sociology.

How many years have you worked in Kitchen & Bath Design?

I have worked in Kitchen & Bath Design since 1977, so over forty years and have designed hundreds of kitchens.

What year did you start at Mid-Cape?

I started at Mid-Cape in 1976.

What is your favorite part of your job?

The interaction with my customers. I get to meet so many great people. Every Kitchen & Bath have components that are basic to each design but it is the people and their personalities that make each job unique.

What can customers look forward to when working with you?

My experience. Most of my customers come through referral from builders, or I have worked with someone they know, so my new customers know they can trust in me to do a great job.

What does “Experience that Builds” mean to you?

Each kitchen experience I do builds onto the next one. In the forty plus years that I have been doing kitchens, I have built many experiences and I continue to learn new things.

Anything else you would like to add or would like customers to know about you?

The kitchen industry has had many changes and innovations over the years but it is the relationship that I have with my clients that is most important.