Staggering progress and encouraging teamwork

It’s amazing what can be accomplished in only one week. Never heard of the Cape Cod Blitz Build? It is a semi-annual, week-long endeavor during which Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod builds a home in just one week, along with the help and donations of many community partners including the Home Builders and Remodelers’ Association of Cape Cod. This is meant to meet a great need for affordable housing here on the Cape. This was the 4th year of the annual Blitz Build on the Cape and every year, it gains more traction and support among local businesses and members of our community.

Volunteers labor together two shifts per day, about 7am until late afternoon, for five days straight. This has always been an incredible opportunity for Mid-Cape and our fellow local businesses, as well as contractors and sub-contractors, to show our support for local affordable housing.We stand with Habitat for Humanity and its focus on giving back to the members of our local community. Over one hundred local businesses and vendor partners were involved this year, much too many to name here, so to see who the awesome volunteers were who labored long hours on the project, click here:

While the entire home was built in 5 days, there were a few preparations that had to be in place before the week started in order for this to be made possible. For example, a few weeks in advance, Mid-Cape delivered all of the framing lumber to Cape Cod Panel, where they paneled the walls in advance. The panels were then sent to the Blitz site, were they were assembled first thing Monday morning. By noon on Monday, the first day of the Blitz Build, the second floor deck was complete and by the end of the day, the roof was on! Barnes Custom Builders also donated a prefabricated staircase for the second floor stairs, which were delivered to the site on Monday morning. This endeavor goes far beyond Mid-Cape involvement. It’s truly a community effort. So many more businesses were involved and volunteered their time and labor to see this house completed by Friday at 5pm, and it was thanks to all who joined together on this project, and especially thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod!

Once the home was completed, all parties involved joined together for a block party around the home, taking part in a pig roast together with food donated by SeaDar Construction, Cape Cod Panel, Redfoot, and Mid-Cape, as well as enjoying some live music! The homeowners, pictured wearing bright yellow shirts, explored their new house with beaming smiles and excited dreams for the future. It’s all thanks to generous local businesses and community members, as well as Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod that made it all possible!

See the finished product below