If countertops have irreversible damage, irremovable stains, chipped edges, or make the kitchen or bathroom appear obsolete, it may be the perfect time to consider options for replacement. Out with the old and in with the new countertops is a fairly inexpensive way to give a kitchen or bathroom an entirely redesigned appearance, to look as though the whole space has been re-done.

Considering Options

Picking new countertops can seem overwhelming, as there are endless arrays of styles, brands, and colors from which to choose. It can be exhausting to even think about, but Mid-Cape is here to help. Before making any crucial decision, it is necessary to think over all of the basic possibilities.


Quartz is a spectacular and beautiful material to use for countertops, and a wise choice for a healthier and cleaner space within the home. More often now, people are choosing quartz over granite. It is convenient and long-lasting: one of the few countertop substances that does not require regular upkeep or annual re-sealing. Being a strongly-packed material, liquid cannot soak into it, as it resists stains, scratches, heat, and more. Quartz is also completely environmentally-friendly, and one of the healthiest choices for the interior of a home. Quartz is the most highly recommended for kitchens and bathrooms, because it does not collect bacteria, mold, or mildew.


Overall, granite is the most popular choice for countertops among homeowners. It adds an especially classy appearance to any space, and many people love that it is available in so many patterns and color options. This is due to its natural origins, and the mixture of minerals that gives it this look. This is how it receives its incredibly unique design.

Compared to quartz, granite is in need of constant attention. Stains and spills must be cleaned up as soon as possible, and it is best to have it re-sealed roughly once a year. If the homeowner is willing to spend a bit of resources and time on upkeep, granite is a beautiful choice for countertops in a kitchen or bathroom.


“Wait, isn’t that a picture of wooden countertops?” you ask. Actually, these countertops are laminate. One of the greatest advantages of laminate countertops is their ability to imitate the look of natural materials, such as wood or marble. Because of this, it is currently rising in popularity, as it is also the most affordable option. It is the perfect choice for those who are thinking about renovating on a tight budget.

Laminate is spill-resistant and, as a result of this, family-friendly. It offers the luxury of convenience, as it is never in need of sealing or re-sealing, only requiring simple cleanings with soap and water. It is also quite diverse in its lineup of colors, patterns, and designs.


Authentic wooden countertops create a rustic and simple look to a bathroom or kitchen area. This is the perfect option for homeowners aiming for a specifically cottage-styled space.

In regards to maintenance, it is highly recommended to habitually cover these countertops in mineral oil. This is a preventative measure to make certain the wood will be able to withstand much aging and use. When a spill occurs, it is imperative that it be cleaned up right away, so as to avoid the liquid soaking into the wood. In a kitchen, it is often used on which to prep food, although not advised, but hot items especially cannot be directly placed atop it, for fear of causing damage to the material.

Wooden countertops involve a lot of maintenance and upkeep, so be prepared for this. However, it is worth the time and effort, because of the simple but beautiful value it adds to any space.

For a special tip when choosing to install these types of countertops: many homeowners combine the use of wood with another style of countertop to give the space a unique but luxurious feel.


Look at that gorgeous kitchen countertop! For a smooth and classy appearance to a kitchen or bathroom, consider replacing with glass. It is a unique choice, but surprisingly ideal. Glass can be cut, molded, and shaped into any style the homeowner desires. Not only that, but it is available in just about any color.

Glass counters are very easy to maintain and to clean. Glass is actually one of the most sterile materials that is used in manufacturing countertops.

There is nothing like a completely remodeled kitchen or bathroom, and Mid-Cape is here to make your experience one that builds creativity, satisfaction, trust, and a renewed appreciation for your home. We care deeply about our customers, their preferences, and their needs. Click here to read about each of our talented designers and what Mid-Cape has to offer for all-things Kitchen & Bath. Let us be there for you during your journey to a brand new kitchen or bathroom, and see about scheduling an appointment with a designer today!
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