What is your role at Mid-Cape? Contractor Sales

What led you to a career with Mid-Cape? My career in the building material industry started a little over three years ago where my curiosity lead me to Mid-Cape Home Centers to expand my career by exploring the many opportunities within the company. 

Describe Mid-Cape in three words: Community-oriented, Ambitious, Optimistic

What is your biggest accomplishment at Mid-Cape so far? My biggest accomplishment so far is mastering EagleView services, and completing the Blueprint Reading course.

 What is something working at Mid-Cape has taught you? One thing working at Mid-Cape Home Centers has taught me is that change is constant throughout the building material industry.

 So far, what has been your favorite memory at Mid-Cape? So far my favorite memory is our staff party at Ten Pin.

 What does the Mid-Cape Experience mean to you?  For me the Mid-Cape Experience means a new platform for my career growth, meeting new people, and working with new and familiar customers.

 What’s the greatest bit of advice a Mid-Cape team member has ever given you? The greatest advice I received from Gordon is that mistakes will happen, don’t take it personal, do your best to make corrections and continue working.

 What is one important skill every person should have? In this industry one important skill to have is good customer service, and the willingness to learn new things.

 What is one of the things on your bucket list? One thing on my bucket list is take a road trip across the USA.