New Year, New Floors

Strip out that carpet and add beautiful wooden flooring to the living space. If not carpet, maybe it’s decades-old, rotting wood that’s been decaying for quite some time. Maybe it’s damaged beyond repair from poor maintenance, or the style may simply be outdated. Whatever the case may be, 2019 is the year for new floors in your home. It seems as though the New Year just began, but winter will be coming to a close in just over a month’s time. If you have been thinking of replacing your floors in time for warmer weather, it’s best to being planning now!

Why New Floors?

Ask yourself if the flooring that is currently in your home fits the space…not physically, but design-wise. Ask yourself if it fits the color scheme and overall theme of the areas surrounding it. Does it match with the vision you have for exactly how you want your home to look? If yes, then great! If the answer is no, it’s time to take a step back and consider replacing those floors with brand new, trendy ones.

Where to Start

The most important aspect to consider when performing any renovation is this: quality. As a homeowner, quality is of the upmost priority when there’s any kind of new addition to the home. Mid-Cape offers an array of quality styles and brands for every purpose. Consider what purpose the floors will serve in the home and to begin that, one must take into consideration which room of the home requires new floors. From there, weigh all of the options for flooring materials such as carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, or even bamboo.

2019 Flooring Trends


In 2019, top flooring trends include materials that are environmentally-friendly, along with more of an emphasis on flooring manufactured right here in America. Waterproof options are also gaining popularity, whether it be waterproof vinyl, waterproof laminate, or even waterproof carpet. Flooring options, over time, are evolving and expanding to be more suitable to the needs of each home, so there is almost no limit to the capabilities of modern flooring varieties.


Color trends in 2019 include many darks, lights, and warm tones. For instance, gray flooring and even white flooring are popular color choices right now. The popular warm colors are a classic shade of earthy brown and yet also a shade of light brown with splashes of a sunlight yellow tone mixed in. See below for samples of some Armstrong Flooring options that align with this year’s color trends.

Armstrong Flooring: Laminate – Autumn Mahogany

Armstrong Flooring: Maple Engineered Hardwood – Natural

Armstrong Flooring: Birch Engineered Hardwood – Driftwood Landscape

Armstrong Flooring: Hickory Engineered Hardwood – Grey Wolf


Textured flooring patterns are rapidly gaining popularity, as they create a rustic look in the home. Smooth floors are still popular and remain the classic choice, but rough textures such as hand-scraped or distressed looks are setting trends for the coming months. See below for some examples from Armstrong Flooring that have beautifully unique textures.

Armstrong Flooring: Hickory Engineered Wood – Harvest Field (distressed)

Armstrong Flooring: Acacia Engineered Hardwood – Natural (hand-scraped)

Armstrong Flooring: Hickory Engineered Hardwood – Pacific Coast (hand-scraped)

Armstrong Flooring: Historic District Engineered Tile – Reclaim Bay (distressed)


Be yourself when it comes to the layout and pattern of your floors! It is more common now to go for unique patterns, directions, and sizes of flooring. Dare to be a trendsetter with a style of tile like the one below.

Marazzi manufactures classic tile designs as well as unique tile (as pictured above) that imitates the look of wood floors. Pictured above is a variety of Harmony™ by Marazzi in the color Note. Notice how the tiles, made to look like planks of wood flooring, are different sizes which offers a unique, yet still classy, look to the dining space.

Below is Armstrong Flooring: Charlestown Oak Luxury Vinyl Tile in the color Mocha. In the picture on the right, it is laid out in a more predictable way but in the photo of the home on the left, it’s been laid out in a gorgeous, eye-catching pattern.

Don’t be afraid to add that extra pop of personality to your home to take it to the next level. Consider installing a brand new, modern floor that will wow your guests.


More and more flooring options are being engineered as waterproof. Not too long ago, there were not many options to choose from when looking for waterproof floors. Most of those options included only tile but now, there is waterproof vinyl, laminate, and surprisingly carpet as well.

Another question to ask yourself is whether or not the floors you are considering are scratch/damage resistant. This is very important especially depending on what space the floors will be in.

Mid-Cape Flooring

Mid-Cape has so many resources available to assist in your search for the perfect new floors for your home. We have qualified designers and specialists who are able to assist with any project you have in mind, as well as a wealth of trustworthy brands with long-lasting products with which you will not be disappointed. We have many showroom locations, and our most extensive selection of flooring is located at 15 Main Street in Orleans. This is also where two of the most qualified flooring specialists in the area are based. To ask a question or schedule an appointment: [email protected].

Extensive Flooring Collection: The Quick Tour

Join our Kitchen & Bath Manager, Rebekkah Ziel, as she takes us on a brief tour through the flooring options here at Mid-Cape.

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