Cable railings offer a closer view of nature with the same benefits as other railings. Wide open views granted by the cable barriers create an experience not provided by other railings, and let’s not forget the design versatility. Cable railing is used in a variety of applications including indoor, outdoor, coastal, modern, contemporary, urban and many more. It’s not just the sleek lines and practically uninterrupted views that cable rail offers, but, when using the right product, it’s the ease of installation compared with many competitors that really seals the deal.

Two industry-leading brands of cable rail offered by Mid-Cape are Feeney and Atlantis. Each of these has their own unique benefits to installation.

Feeney Cable Rail
Build With Feeney

Installing cable rail is made simple with Feeney and their easy-to-use, ready-to-go Quick-Connect® fittings. Feeney’s unique stainless-steel fittings with special Quick-Connect® technology attach to the cable on-site with the use of a drilling template and lacing needles. One-way jaws automatically grab and lock on after the cable is inserted. 

quick-connect fittings

Feeney Cable Rail Kits are a useful solution for wood and metal railing frames. They are both cost-effective and efficient since everything needed for attachment and tension is included in the kit. Not only are these kits great for wood posts and metal posts, but Feeney also offers new cable rail conceal kits, oversized post kits and even stair kits. 

Exact measurements are not required in order to install Feeney cable rail. This luxury is allowed by Feeney’s field fabrication flexibility. Looking for easy tension adjustment? Just simply spin the special washer nut or rotate the compact turn-buckle body. 

Feeney cable rail’s 10-year warranty is the result of their 316 marine-grade stainless steel, a great choice for our local coastal environment, offering strong protection from the harsh elements. 

Atlantis Cable Rail
DIY Atlantis Rail Systems

Atlantis Rail Systems offers a RailEasy™ Cable Railing System, a simple-to-use cable railing product with patented fittings. With the use of a few simple hand tools, compression fitting makes for easy and efficient installation and tensioning. Some required and suggested tools and components include a RailEasy™ Drilling Template, power drill, #2 Phillips Driver Bit, 5/16″ Allen Wrench, open wrenches as well as cable cutters and more.

Atlantis cable rail can be installed in any application, and they offer a wide variety of cable rail systems from which to choose. Browse their many cable rail designs so you can make an informed decision on what works best for your project. After you’ve chosen, review their in-depth installation instructions and videos in preparation for the installation process. Once you have it ready to install, Atlantis strongly suggests laying out all the components prior to installation.

There are also several tips Atlantis asks installers to keep in mind. When marking locations, a drilling template is a must. Take your time when drilling midpost holes and drill from both sides, and make sure bits used for through-post holes are high-quality. When feeding cable into through-post holes, it’s best to use cable lacing needles so as to avoid damaging the cable ends. Don’t forget to wash your cable rail immediately after installing!

Client specifications determine how they design and manufacture their cable rail systems. With in-house testing facilities, Atlantis guarantees a high-quality, long-lasting and safe cable rail system.

Which Cable Rail System Is Right For Your Project?

Knowing the needs and requirements of your project is crucial when choosing the right brand of cable rail system. Assess your installation capabilities, assembly requirements, the design and application needs of your project. For assistance, Mid-Cape Exterior Envelope and Decking & Railing Specialists are here to help!

You will find many Feeney and Atlantis cable rail components and systems available IN STOCK at Mid-Cape Home Centers (stock varies per location, so give your nearest Mid-Cape location a call). For more information on the railing systems offered by Mid-Cape Home Centers, chat with one of our representatives LIVE right here on our website!