Introducing the latest innovation of Huber Engineered Woods subflooring panels: Advantech X-Factor. This exciting product is a new class of premium subflooring from a long-standing building materials manufacturer, one of the largest family-owned businesses in the United States. Since their inception in 1883, one of Huber’s main goals as a company has been to turn ideas into new products through creative innovation. They are committed to sustainability and safety practices, respect for people, ethics and excellence. It’s no wonder they have made “strong, responsible building” a tradition and builders ask for their products by name.

Huber Engineered Woods

Voted #1 for two decades by BUILDER magazine, the original Advantech subflooring sets itself apart. A crucial component to what makes a home last, this brand of subflooring resists rain, sleet, snow and other harsh weather conditions. It remains sturdy before and after the build and, when combined with Advantech subfloor adhesive, ensures a Squeak-Free Guarantee™.

Building on the best aspects of Advantech subflooring, Huber Engineered Woods unveiled Advantech X-Factor, elevating the moisture resistance that builders expect from Advantech. What else truly sets Advantech X-Factor apart from traditional subflooring panels? Find out below.

9 Things You Need to Know About

AdvanTech X-Factor Subflooring