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Boise Cascade is a manufacturer of building materials that builders and contractors have trusted in for many years. From engineered wood products to panels, lumber and more, rest assured that you will be building with the highest quality materials when you choose Boise Cascade, supplied by Mid-Cape Home Centers. Find out more below from a Boise expert, and see real projects featuring their building materials supplied by Mid-Cape.


Why should I use I-Joists instead of dimension lumber for the floor?

As old growth lumber has been taken off the market and replaced with faster growing generations of dimensional lumber, the product does not span as far and is dimensionally less stable. Engineered floor systems have been designed to be stronger and more stable than dimensional lumber. This will allow floor spans to be longer for more open space and stronger floors with less bounce and vibration. The manufacturing process allows the use of longer spans allowing the builder to put in one long piece instead of multiple short ones making for a quicker, stronger framing job.


Can all engineered wood be used outside as well as inside?

There is a very limited supply of engineered wood products that may be used exposed to the weather. Boise Cascade manufacturers and delivers i-joist floor systems and engineered LVL wood beams that can only be used for non-exterior applications. The wood has not been treated to withstand long term wet and dry cycles that would occur outside. Boise does stock pressure treated beams from Anthony Power Beam that can be used for exterior applications.

Boise Cascade engineered wood lumber

Can I cut holes in these products for my plumbing and electrical?

Yes. The i-joist floor systems have pre punched knockout holes for convenience but both the i- joists and LVL beams have hole charts in the Boise installation guides. Boise can also provide job specific beam and joist calculations for specific holes.


Do you have documentation that can be given to the building inspectors related to my project?

Boise Cascade has beam sizing software and layout programs designed to help the builder during the installation and to satisfy the building departments concerns for code compliance.

Boise Cascade engineered wood products

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