You’ve heard of composite decking, composite trim and other composite building products. But have you heard of composite siding shingles? Beach House Shake shingles are innovative, long-lasting, and will revolutionize the way you think about siding.

What is a composite shingle?

Composite materials have been an option in the market for a long time in other categories. We have all witnessed a shift to composites over natural wood in the decking market, for example. Tando’s innovative composite technology now allows for a similar substitution in the cedar shingle market. Composite technology leads the way ensuring that Beach House Shake, the authentic composite shingle, has the unmistakable look and charm of individual natural cedar shingles, while having much better performance, longevity and ease of application.

What makes it different, how long will it last?

For many years to come, Beach House Shake will continue to look like the day it was installed. Beach House Shake has 20 years of warrantied, unmatched color protection, protected by a KAPGUARD® with Kynar® coating. This is used on all four Beach House Shake color options – the most popular in New England being Atlantica, in stock right here at Mid-Cape. This color option features the undeniable appearance of bleached cedar shingles.

Beach House Shake Tando Atlantica

What’s it like to install Beach House Shake siding?

When it comes to installing Beach House Shake – it is fast and easy. One example is in regard to fasteners. Generally, 21 shingles would require 42 hand-nailed fasteners. For Beach House Shake, those same 21 shingles would require only 7 fasteners, which results in huge savings in materials. Not to mention, Beach House Shake was designed for most standard nail guns to be used as opposed to hand-nailing, resulting in tremendous time savings.

Does Beach House Shake offer corner and trim options?

Beach House shake has matching corners and channel systems for each shingle style. However, like cedar shingles, many installers use rabbeted PVC trim and corners.

Do you have any special tips, tricks or advice for builders installing Beach House Shake?

Installing Beach House Shake is simple! Reach out to Mid-Cape if you’d like a Tando representative to stop by for job site assistance on installation questions. Be prepared for a lot of the neighbors to call you!

Beach House Shake colors

Beach House Shake Atlantica is in stock at Mid-Cape Home Centers and our experts are here to answer any questions you have.