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There are thousands of veterans residing on the Cape and many of them are struggling in ways that we could never understand. Mid-Cape is so grateful for them, their strength, and their sacrifice, and we want to thank them by giving back. We are blessed to have been given the opportunity to partner with Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center. Read more below about our local veterans and the plan to help them succeed. Join the mission today!

Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center is “providing essential, life-altering, life-sustaining services that empower veterans in need and their families.” Many people go about their day-to-day lives not thinking of the great need that has been rising among our veterans. U.S. veterans endure many difficulties upon returning home. Some of these include challenges related to mental health, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injuries, separation from loved ones, recovery from limb amputation, suicide, homelessness, and much more.

“Every citizen in the United States as well as countless citizens abroad have been served by the protection of our servicemen and women, yet many don’t fully realize the extent of the sacrifices made on their behalf.”

Board of Directors

Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center

In the video below, three Mid-Cape employees, who once served in the U.S. military, give their perspective on Cape & Islands Veterans Outreach Center and why we need to donate to the cause.

Because they deserve it.

On Cape Cod alone, there is a notable need among veterans. There are about twenty-seven thousand veterans on the Cape, composing twelve percent of the local population, compared to a national average of nine percent. The number of local veterans suffering from a traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress is nearing five hundred and there are almost fifty homeless veterans currently living in Barnstable County, according to Barnstable County’s Homeless Prevention Council.

“Without organizations like Cape and Islands Veterans Outreach Center (CIVOC), many would be left to cope with their challenges alone.”

Board of Directors
Cape and Islands Veterans Outreach Center

There are now very few World War II veterans left, and many of those struggle still with Post Traumatic Stress because it was not recognized as a disorder until decades later. Korean War Veterans have also been left with a battle to fight, even after they returned home so many years ago. After being exposed to adverse weather conditions and radiation in combat, many of the roughly two million remaining suffer from diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, and even cancer. Vietnam War veterans were never thanked for their service, because of the controversy surrounding it. “The total post-war death rate for Vietnam veterans was 17% higher than for other veterans.” Younger veterans who have been involved in more recent conflicts are unique due to the amount of times modern military members are deployed. Many recent veterans were deployed up to four or five times, which was not the case for those in previous generations.

The fact that those who have sacrificed so much and continue to suffer from the effects, even after returning home, should be enough of a reason to reach out in support. On the Cape, there is not nearly enough recognition of veterans. They are a gift to this country and to this local community. Think about all the freedoms that you enjoy every single day that aren’t even given a second thought. Those are a result of the sacrifices of these men and women, as well as those who have laid down their lives. Without them, we would not be so free and blessed.

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Thank you for donating.

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