What is your education and experience?

High School Diploma – Graduated with Honors and Many classic sales and advanced design courses: Multiple levels of 2020-design training: over 35 years of uninterrupted design & sales service to the Kitchen & Bath industry. I have made numerous visits to KBIS, our industry’s top trade show & educational experience.

How many years have you worked in Kitchen & Bath Design?

I have worked in Kitchen & Bath Design since 1983.

What year did you start at Mid-Cape?

I started at Mid-Cape in 2019.

What is your favorite part about your job?

Every day is something new and different, and I get to work with many great co-workers and clients.


What can customers look forward to when working with you?

A laid back non-pressured professional approach. Full of detail and inspiration, born from decades of experience.


What does “Experience that Builds” mean to you?

Besides the obvious, which is that our experience helps our clients ‘build’ their projects, it means that every day, every experience we have, adds to our knowledge base and builds us up as better providers of outstanding, inspired experiences for our clients.


Anything else you would like to add or would like customers to know about you?

I have had great opportunities to work with other talented designers in the industry, and have had my kitchens featured on HGTV shows such as “Bang for Your Buck” and “House Hunter – Renovations,” as well as having earned honorable mention in the national Sub-Zero Design contest.


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