What is your role at Mid-Cape? IT Manager, keep the systems up and running and make sure our internal customer’s computer problems are being taken care of.

What led you to a career with Mid-Cape? I was finishing a contract IT position with Rogers & Gray when Mid-Cape lost their IT Manager so the timing was great for me.

Describe Mid-Cape in three words: Relationships, Service, Relaxed

What is your biggest accomplishment at Mid-Cape so far? I took over IT shortly after Jeff bought the company, there was a lot to do and we got it done. I am proud of how quickly we made some big changes at that time including phones, email and Spruce.

What is something working at Mid-Cape has taught you? To be more involved with the community and develop working relationships. I had been working in NY City for several years and I had forgotten what that meant.

So far, what has been your favorite memory at Mid-Cape? We had a power outage a couple years ago that took out 2 key pieces of equipment. It was a stressful couple of days, but everyone pitched in to help and we got things back up and running with some clever problem solving. When things go bad you find out what you’re worth, and I found out a lot of good things about the people I worked with.

What does the Mid-Cape Experience mean to you?  Taking care of the customer and providing a quality product (can I do an ad now??)

What’s the greatest bit of advice a Mid-Cape team member has ever given you? Relax, it’s 2x4s and shingles, and its Cape Cod not New York.

What is one important skill every person should have? Computers skills!! And also listening, which is a skill we all need to keep working on.

What is one of the things on your bucket list? Kayaking with orcas in Alaska.